Thursday, June 23, 2005

Leafs to sign Steen

June 23 @ 9:00 AMIn a clear indication the NHL is preparing to get back to business, the Leafs have spoken to Steen's agent, Don Baizley, about signing him to a contract, reports the Toronto Star. Teams are not allowed to do any NHL business while the lockout is still on, but can sign players to AHL contracts, something they have discussed. "We've talked a lot about the fact that the Leafs want to sign him and Alex is ready to try it," Baizley said. "Both parties have expressed a willingness to do a deal, but until we know what the situation is, there's not a lot we can do." Steen has also reportedly already told his MoDo club in the Swedish Elite League that he has no intention of returning next season.
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Michael said...

Oh, well it's about time for them to sign him !!!

I've heard so much about this kid and it's a wonder they didn't sign him up before the lockout. The Leafs need a infusion of young talent. Emphasize "young".

Anonymous said...

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