Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Claude Noel rips his entire Jets roster....

I got depressed listening to him. unfortunately, he will fall during this year, and the GM in the summer or by December 2014. Looks like ownership is content with sold out crowds with a below average team

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ryan Miller rumoured in deals to Edomonton...Not so fast!

Earlier today I heard on the Fan590 of rumors that the Oilers and Sabres might be working on a deal that could send goalie Ryan Miller to Edmonton and Nail Yakupov and others going back the other way.  I think Tomas Vanek was also mentioned, but I doubt any team would take a chance on dealing for him - He's Minnesota Bound!!!

So just as this rumour started getting hot in the hockey media, it comes out that Edmonton is on Ryan Miller's no-trade list of 8 teams - LMAO....poor Oilers!

Pierre LeBrun's article is here on TSN.

In other news, be share to watch the Florida Panthers play the Boston Bruins tonight.  Unfortunately it's not in Boston.