Thursday, December 29, 2005

Return of the Whalers!!! Hartford looks for an NHL Franchise again

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - Eight years after the Whalers left Hartford for North Carolina, a developer wants to bring another NHL team to the Connecticut capital.
Lawrence Gottesdiener is head of Northland Investment Corp., which owns $500 million US worth of property in Hartford. He would like to put the team in a $250 million arena he hopes to build.
''We've got our own money, we're willing to invest in an arena and we're willing to buy a team,'' he said. ''It would be an important entity and symbol of the city, the region and the state.''
Gottesdiener's plan calls for a publicly subsidized, 16,000-seat venue that would be home to a major hockey team. The University of Connecticut men's and women's basketball teams also would play some games there.
The new arena would replace the Hartford Civic Center under the proposal, which was announced Wednesday amid talk of the Civic Center's future.
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joseph said...

please god say its so....its a travesty that the brass bonanza is wasted on baseball teams now