Thursday, February 09, 2006

Operation Slap Shot -

The gambling scandal that has rocked the NHL with the arrest of Coyotes assistant coach Rick Tocchet has damaged the game. Scott Burnside says the time for players to stand up is now. Story

Report: Gretzky knew about gambling NHL grants Tocchet leave
Burnside: Desert Storm Operation Slap Shot

New Jersey police accuse Rick Tocchet, Phoenix Coyotes assistant and Wayne Gretzky's friend, of financing a multimillion dollar gambling ring that took bets from NHL players and others.

Report: Gretzky knew about ring
Burnside: Hockey's black eye
Hradek: Bad day for hockey
Tocchet granted leave of absence
Arraignment in 7-10 days
Tocchet implicated in ring
Burnside: Desert Storm
Merron: Gambling scandals
Operation Slap Shot

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roadkill said...

i think the media is blowing this whole thing out of proportion. they are like wannabe leaf fans.jumping on the band wagon. when the truth is told the media will be back on gretzky's side. they should have to be held accountable for reporting rumors. in north america a person is innocent until proven guilty. if all that was done is placing a few bets on the super bowl i dont see the harm.furthermore, i am sick and tired of the media trying to dig up dirt where none exists. until the investigation concludes they should not be able to report on the matter further.