Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sundin to wear visor on return

Despite his assertion he will wear a visor when he returns to the
lineup, the Leaf captain would not definitively say he would continue
to wear one.

TORONTO (CP) -- Now that he's had the scare of his life, Toronto Maple
Leafs captain Mats Sundin believes the visor may go on for good when
he returns from his gruesome injury.

"Yeah, I think so, I think I've used all my good breaks," Sundin said
Friday, meeting reporters for the first time since getting hit in the
left eye with a puck seven minutes into Wednesday's season opener.
"I've had some close calls with my eyes before.

"Definitely when I start playing I'm going to have to wear one for
sure and hopefully I can continue it. That's my goal, for sure."

The fact that he's not totally sure he'll keep the visor on certainly
seems to defy logic, but it also underlines the reluctance so many NHL
players have in wearing one. In a game where every split second
counts, seeing the ice as well as they can is paramount for some
players, even with the enormous risk attached to leaving their eyes

"I'm well aware on the discussion on both ends of the argument," Leafs
GM John Ferguson said after practice Friday. "Personal choice versus
safety, or comfort versus safety. It's an issue that in many ways
remains unresolved.

"But I have encouraged those who want to wear one to do so, for sure."

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