Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Melnyk says Sens to be Dynasty! Ahhh....win one first, then we'll see about the dynasty

At the start of the 2005-06 NHL season, Eugene Melnyk handed out coffee mugs to the Ottawa Senators' front office staff with the ultimatum, "Failure is not an option."
And it appears that the team's owner will be using that slogan for the forseeable future.
In a column e-mailed to fans and posted on the team's official website, Melnyk said he had full confidence in Senators president Roy Mlakar and general manager John Muckler and promised to build a Stanley Cup dynasty in the nation's capital.
"I firmly believe the Ottawa Senators will not only win the Stanley Cup, but we will build a team with the talent and drive to hoard that Cup year after year in the playoffs," he wrote.
"I guarantee that you have never seen the level of determination that is about to go into putting together our 2006-2007 season. And I guarantee that I will not rest until Ottawa becomes the hockey Mecca of the NHL. I've been accused in the past of harbouring unbridled optimism, but I'll tell you this - I always deliver."

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