Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gaborik Rumors


Marian Gaborik speaks out on the trade rumors swirling about his name, the salary cap could limit his potential destinations, and the latest on the rumored interest from the Canadiens.
PIONEER PRESS: John Shipley reports Minnesota Wild forward Marian Gaborik remains as much in the dark over his future as the fans, adding he doesn't know if there's any truth to the trade rumors because he doesn't know anything about them. Contract talks between Gaborik and the Wild remain at an impasse.

MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE: Jim Souhan reports the Wild could find it difficult to move Gaborik now as teams struggling with the salary cap are unlikely to offer up what Gaborik is worth. Souhan suggests moving Gaborik at the March 3rd trade deadline makes the most sense. "That presumes, though, that Gaborik will be healthy and productive enough before the March 3 trading deadline to incite a bidding war for an injury-prone player asking for big money in a league filled with teams pushing the salary cap" writes Souhan.
MONTREAL GAZETTE: Pat Hickey reports "you can discount the rumours that Gaborik is headed this way (Montreal) for Christopher Higgins and Jaroslav Halak", citing the Habs lack of available cap space for Gaborik's salary, team chemistry "and the advisibility of giving away Halak, who's off to a strong start".
SPECTOR'S NOTE: Souhan and Hickey are merely pointing out what I've been saying for days now: Gaborik's salary and injury history will make him tough to move this early in the season. If the Habs are interested as rumored it'll cost a helluva lot more than Higgins and Halak, and quite frankly, the Wild have no reason to acquire Halak given they possess a strong goalie tandem in Niklas Backstrom and Josh Harding.

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