Friday, October 10, 2008

NHL 08-09 Season Kicks-off

Hello everyone,

I'm back after a long delay. I guess the passion was lost last year with another disappointing season with the leafs. 3 years of the same crap can take a toll on a diehard fan. But this year is different, or should I say, the next few years will be different. They (MLSE) finally realised that just making the playoffs is not good enough and that you have to build the core of a team from within - then go buy players.

I like like what Fletcher is doing, and I like coach Wilson style of play. The funny thing is, I think it is similar to what Maurice wanted to do, but for some reason the players got it wrong. Although it is just one game, but if the buds play with this kind of effort, their games will be more enjoyable to watch - win or lose.

The kids: Love Kulemin, Schenn looks like a smart player, Grabovski and Tlusty are looking good as well. Frogren looks like a tank out there.

The regulars: Antropov looks lost without Mats, Blake looks like he's done, Poni will be hitting a lot of posts this year! Kaberle and Kubina will be the teams horses on D. Steen and Stajan might just peak as 3rd liners - a little disappointing, but at least we will finally know where they belong.

Leafs Awards for the season:

Hart: Kubina
Art: Kaberle
Richard: Hagman
Norris: Kubina
Vezina: Toskala
Calder: Schenn, Kulemin TIE
Selke: Grabovski

Players who will likely be moved:

Kubina or Kaberle

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