Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Promoting an assitant coach to head coach, and thoughts on Jake Gardiner trade rumors down the road

I would like to start on the hiring of Craig Berube as the new Head Coach of the Philadelphia Flyers.  I have always wondered how management or the media can use the "coach lost the dressing room" excuse.  The Head Coach has a staff that reinforces his message, of team play and accountability.  So if the team have "tuned" the coach out, why would the Assistant Coach have any more luck?  If I were a GM faced with this decision I would dump the entire staff, especially if I am in need of a "culture" change.  But unfortunately, the Flyers already started the season with Laviolette and missed out on this opportunity.  Lindy Ruff was out there, Guy Boucher, Paul Maurice, or even stick with Craig Berube.  But ultimately when the dressing room is "lost" do you really want those kind of players?

On the Jake Gardiner trade rumors...DUMB!  Way too early to start speculating.  And it's a cheap way for the writers to have a topic to write about and stir up discussion.  In fact, where was all this last year when he clearly struggled.  Has everyone forgot how he over handled the puck and was frequently caught out of position?  Still doing it!  But he's still young.  

I consider my self a huge Leafs fan, and I can honestly see huge gaps in his game right now.  But he is young!  Last year he could do no wrong, and now there is a new kid on the block in Morgan Rielly and everyone starts to jump off his bandwagon.  Same thing happened to Luke Schenn.  Luckily we were able to get JVR for Luke, but that does not always occur.  Give Jake a chance to work and LEARN to play defence.  He will get it.  And maybe these writers can focus on other important topics like, the Buds being 3-0 to start the season!

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