Saturday, September 17, 2016

The return of the World Cup of Hockey/Predicitons

I for one have genuinely missed the classic best on best tournament.  My earliest memories as a child is the '87 Canada Cup and the famous series winner scored by the Mario Lemieux on a setup by Wayne Gretzky.

Now it's back with an interesting twist.  Two original teams not ties to any nation - the under 23 North American team and Team Europe.  Both are interesting in their own right.

I think Team Europe has looked slow and out of place, while NA looks super-fast and ready to show the world how talented they are to complete against the veterans.

Here are my predictions for the WCOH:

Group A

1. CAN
2. USA
4. EUR

Group B

1. SWE
2. RUS
3. NA
4. FIN

Elimination Round

1. CAN vs 2. RUS
1. SWE vs 2. USA


CAN vs USA - CAN in 3

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