Monday, September 19, 2016

Traditional hockey powers finding themselves in an early hole...

USA, Russia, and Finland find themselves in a lot of pressure after their opening games at the world cup.  

After a disappointing loss to Sweden, Russia will be in tough against the surprising Team NA tonight. If NA beats Russia, they have to be taken as serious contenders to win the tournament.

Up next for USA is team Canada.  This will be an all out war since the management team built the team to beat Canada.  Unfortunately, based on the 3-0 loss to Europe, it seems the forgot about the rest of the competition.  I think Europe has taken up the challenge to show the world of hockey that they are not some glorified shinny team.  I had Canada and USA making it through, but I think Europe might be on a mission to take that #2 spot.

Imagine a Europe vs NA final....that would be amazing to see!  A true shocker.

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