Tuesday, September 27, 2016

WCOH Trophy gets a reboot

Here it is...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Russia fights to stay alive, while USA show that theybhave work to do

Great article here by ESPN writer Scott Burnside.


I has a great time this past Thursday as I was there for both games. Watching Russia vs Finland was a treat to watch as I was 5 rows above the Finnish goal to watch Ovie setup for one timers!

That was a great game to watch as Russia showed great effort to not become irrelevant like Team USA in this tournament and on the world stage. In fact, if Russia did lose, it would have been another wasted effort with the talent they have.

And then there was the second game. USA vs Czech Republic. All I can say is with a late power play opportunity, down by one in the third period - Big Buff was on the bench!?

Such a shame since he was the best player for them and showed all night what Torteralla and the management team wanted (or thought they had) from the team. However you had Niskanen, and Jack Johnson at the point. At least put the Big Buff in front of the net.

But the game ended and frustrations came out in an end of game skirmish.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Canada dominates Team Europe

Canada secures top seed in Group A with convincing win over Europe http://www.thescore.com//news/1107609 (via http://thesco.re/theScore_app )

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Canada crushes US and eliminates them from the tournament

All I can say is they built a non skilled team that could not come close in any aspect of the game.
Forwards showed no skill or creativity to make plays or possess the puck for any period of time. 
They could have used Tyler Johnson, Phil Kessel, Kyle Okposo, or Paul Stastny. All skilled and can score.  Granted Phil was injured but was rejected prior to that.
And then there is the defence. Ryan McDonagh was the best defenseman first the team. They could have used Shattenkirk, Fowler, or Faulk from Carolina.  So many no shows tonight in terms of effort.
Or, maybe we're just that good though. Go Canada Go.

Gotta See It: ACC explodes after McDavid-to-Matthews goal

Hopefully the ACC and Leafs fans will see a lot more of this from Matthews.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Traditional hockey powers finding themselves in an early hole...

USA, Russia, and Finland find themselves in a lot of pressure after their opening games at the world cup.  

After a disappointing loss to Sweden, Russia will be in tough against the surprising Team NA tonight. If NA beats Russia, they have to be taken as serious contenders to win the tournament.

Up next for USA is team Canada.  This will be an all out war since the management team built the team to beat Canada.  Unfortunately, based on the 3-0 loss to Europe, it seems the forgot about the rest of the competition.  I think Europe has taken up the challenge to show the world of hockey that they are not some glorified shinny team.  I had Canada and USA making it through, but I think Europe might be on a mission to take that #2 spot.

Imagine a Europe vs NA final....that would be amazing to see!  A true shocker.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The jerseys of the WCOH 2016

The modernized designs are sharp and simplistic.

The return of the World Cup of Hockey/Predicitons

I for one have genuinely missed the classic best on best tournament.  My earliest memories as a child is the '87 Canada Cup and the famous series winner scored by the Mario Lemieux on a setup by Wayne Gretzky.

Now it's back with an interesting twist.  Two original teams not ties to any nation - the under 23 North American team and Team Europe.  Both are interesting in their own right.

I think Team Europe has looked slow and out of place, while NA looks super-fast and ready to show the world how talented they are to complete against the veterans.

Here are my predictions for the WCOH:

Group A

1. CAN
2. USA
4. EUR

Group B

1. SWE
2. RUS
3. NA
4. FIN

Elimination Round

1. CAN vs 2. RUS
1. SWE vs 2. USA


CAN vs USA - CAN in 3