Thursday, April 13, 2006

The LA Kings say goodbye to trouble-making Sean Avery

Finally.....A team saying thanks but no thanks to a trouble-making player on their team.

A source told the Los Angeles Times reports that Avery had an argument with assistant coach Mark Hardy during practice Wednesday, and did not travel with the team to Phoenix after meeting with general manager Dave Taylor and interim coach John Torchetti.
A spokesman for the Kings told the paper that while Avery was not suspended, he will not play in the final three games of the regular season or playoffs should the team qualify.
"We're moving on without him," the spokesman told the Times. "We have informed Sean of this."
Avery will be an unrestricted free agent after the season.

The incident reportedly occurred when Avery was asked by Hardy to do a drill in practice. Avery refused and was told to leave the ice.
Avery has been in and out of hot water all year long.
In pre-season, Avery said a hit by then-Phoenix defenceman Denis Gauthier on Kings centre Jeremy Roenick "was typical of most French guys in our league with a visor on, running around and playing tough and not back anything up."
In an October game, he was accused by Edmonton's Georges Laraque of using a racial slur.
He also was the first NHL player this season to be fined $1,000 US for diving and reacted by hammering the league for it.
"How can a guy sitting in an office in New York determine if you dived or not by watching a tape?" Avery said. "They don't know if you had a bad ankle or torn bursa sac or something. I can't even tell you what play they are talking about. They don't have to tell you a play, just what game they are looking at.
"No question that this is a way (for the league) to do something to me. It has nothing to do with diving. How can Colin Campbell, or whoever it is, sit at a desk and make that call? They should send the tape to all seven members of the competition committee and let them look at it."
He also had a heated verbal exchange with Anaheim broadcaster and former NHL goalie Brian Hayward in the dressing room Friday before players and media.
Files from the Los Angeles Times were used for this report.

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