Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tie Domi and ex-Wife Leanne reach a settlement

TORONTO (CP) -- Former NHL enforcer Tie Domi and his estranged wife Leanne reached a temporary settlement in their high-profile divorce proceedings Tuesday but the name that set off a media frenzy was not spoken aloud in court and was nowhere to be found in the legal papers.The negotiated consent order includes agreements on giving child custody to the mother, payment of her legal fees and a restraining order that states Tie Domi is to "be restrained from molesting, annoying or harassing Leanne Domi or from communicating with Leanne Domi."Neither party was in attendance for the muted courtroom drama, which played out as the local media buzzed with stories about the popular, former Maple Leaf's alleged affair with Liberal MP and heiress Belinda Stronach.Leanne Domi wanted the divorce to be below the radar and not include Stronach but Tie Domi fought her attempts at getting a fair settlement, and so she went public, according to her application before the court.

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