Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Another disappointing effort by the Sens, on the winning goal 2 on 2 you see a lazy half-assed "defensive" play by Spezza trying to poke the pass from the Thrasher player over to Kozlov...I guess he STILL isn't hearing what coach Murray is telling him. Poor Ottawa fans, at least you beat the lLeafs the last 2 times...they really mean a lot...LOL!!!

Break Up Those SENS!!!

It's over...say goodbye to:

Muckler - deserves it for letting the wrong players go, and bringing hand-picked Gerber as the #1 goalie

Murray - unfortunatley for him, his skilled players Spezza and Heatley are too 1 dimensional and he will be a scape goat. But here's an idea, how about him as replacement GM?

Alfredsson - he just needs a change, and so do the fans from him as captain.

But before any of these things happen, a trade will come first. And the only choice for Muckler is to get Forsberg, and get rid of Spezza. Heatley can go too, but Spezza is the main one. His arrogance as if he is a 10 year superstar is a problem.

....It's fun bashing the Sens! All the Sens fans are probably calling into talk shows bashing the Leafs as if it were Toronto's doing....That's Ottawa's prob! focus on he rest of the league and the cup. DUMMIES!

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