Monday, November 06, 2006

Peter Forsberg Trade Rumors and Why the Sens will not win the cup!

With the Flyers in a state of turmoil, and in need for puck moving defencemen, the Flyers might be ina situation to move Forsberg, since he is to become a free agent next season anyways. The Flyers have young centres in Carte and Richards, thus making the move more likely. I think both Gagne and Forsberg will move, and Hatcher closer to the deadline. Here's a look at teams the Flyers can move Forsberg to:

Calgary - They are another team that is close to going in the wrong direction. if they want ssalvage the season and try and make one last run with Iginla, then the Flames need to go after Forsberg and have Iginla and Tanguay play with him. However, this would reuqire Hamrlik to go the other way along with a young forward like Lombardi, and maybe a pick as well.

Ottawa - Like Calgary, a predicted cup favourite is off to a below average start. Muckler must be feeling the pressure. 2 years ago, they put the blame on Hossa and Bonk, players identified as to soft, or without "canadian grit." So he brought in Heatley. have they won the cup? No! In fact, Heatley is highly dependant on Spezza, and he seems to be moody and selfish in thinking offence before defence only. Hossa on the other habd is flourishing and can be considered as a top 5 player. In fact, Hossa is showing a lot more of that "grit" Muckler complained about. Last year it was Alfredsson who blew the play, and they let Chara and Havlat go instead. Alfie is a bit quiet this year, and sorry Sens fans, but to be honest, Ottawa seems to pnly play their best hockey in the regular season against the Leafs. They put so much effort against them during the regular season - only if they could reproduce that in the playoffs against the leafs, and other teams.
So, Forsberg to Ottawa, one last chance for the Muckler regime. it ill probably cost them Meszaros (D), Shaefer (LW), prospect Kaigarodov, and a pick. No one hass ever questioned Forsberg's "grit", so maybe this is what the Sens captain needs - adding grit from fellow countryman might be what the doctor ordered for Ottawa's beloved Alfie!

P.S. This will probably be the only way for Alfie to have is chance to redeem all tehse years in Ottawa. If not, Say good by to this core. Muckler says he's been re-tooling the Team to be more suited for the cup run, but the real core should have been around Hoss, Chara, and Redden


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Anonymous said...

There is not a chance in the world that Philadelphia will trade Gagné.

He is a franchise player, a talented, reliable one. He is the player around wich the flyers will build the team in the years to come. And god knows they need to rebuild the team.
This is never gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Your a moron, how can you say the flames are going in the wrong direction? They are first in the Northwest div. and third in the west. Not to mention they just acquired Craig Conroy in a deal that got rid of jamie lundmark. Darryl Sutter is the MAN. He knows what he's talking about and there is no way he will trade hard working players for a pussy like peter forsberg. Also, forsberg has been having injury problems and that is the last thing we need in making a cup run. Learn something about hockey and then try to write more of your bullshit. go fuck yourself asshole!!!

Anonymous said... know nothing so shut up and stick your thumb up your ass, moron!

kyle behrens said...

flames fans are fucking goofs. good post