Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Big Bert to meet with the 'Commish'

Todd Bertuzzi and Steve Moore will both attend Tuesday's reinstatement hearing for Bertuzzi at NHL headquarters in New York. It is the first time they will be in close proximity since Bertuzzi's attack on Moore during a Vancouver-Colorado NHL game on March 8, 2004. Moore's lawyer Tim Danson of Toronto told TSN on Monday that Moore will personally attend the hearing.
In my opinion, hockey has a long way to go to correct this mentality.  And unfortunately, Bertuzzi has to be made an example of.  Until Steve Moore is declared fit to be play by doctors, Bertuzzi should sit.  The debate of Bertuzzi being a star player and taking his livelyhood away is ignorant to say the least.  What about Moore's career in hockey ruined by the actions of Bertuzzi?  Wheteher or not Moore is an NHL calibre player is not the question.  The point to remeber is that Moore was in the NHL when this incident occured.  Thus making him an NHL player.
Final point - Until Moore is fit, Bertuzzi sits!

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