Thursday, September 22, 2005

Adam Deadmarsh to announce retirement

The post effects of two serious concussions has taken its toll on the
30-year-old Deadmarsh. -- Adam Deadmarsh can no longer ignore the signs his
ailing body is telling him. After battling with concussion problems
the past three years, the former Avalanche winger has decided to

According to a report from the Denver Post, Deadmarsh has yet to
officially file retirement papers with the league, but will shortly
ending a hockey career that began with the Quebec Nordiques in the
1994-95 season.

"I've been living on hope the last three years I'd be able to play
again, but my body is just telling me it's not going to happen,"
Deadmarsh told the Post from his home in British Columbia.

Traded by the Avalanche to Los Angeles in February 2001, Deadmarsh
played 567 career games, finishing with 184 goals and 373 points.

"I played almost 600 games and wanted to play another 600 more," said
Deadmarsh. "When I think of all the memories I could have had if I
kept playing, it's a little tough. But I'm thankful for the time I did
have and all the memories. There were a lot of great ones in Colorado,
that's for sure."

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