Friday, September 09, 2005

NHL tidbits

Here is what is going on in the league the last couple of days. Thanks to, and various other resources. -- If nothing else, the Toronto Maple Leafs will be experienced.
Sportsnet has learned Maple Leafs GM John Ferguson has extended an invitation to NHL veteran forward Mike Keane to attend next week's camp.The 38-year-old is well noted for his defensive abilities and leadership qualities which proved invaluable to Montreal, Colorado and Dallas; all teams which have won Stanley Cup Championships with Keane in their lineup.Sources tell Sportsnet Toronto has yet to make a contract offer, however Lewis Gross, Keane's agent confirms the two sides have been talking.Like Steve Thomas, it is believed the Maple Leafs would rather Keane show up as a walk-on and battle for a spot on the roster before a contract is offered, but for a player with Keane's resume, who's already been through that experience in 2003 with Vancouver, he's unlikely to report under those conditions.John Ferguson and Mike Keane have a history as the pair grew up and played minor hockey together in Winnipeg, where Keane currently resides with his family. --->Looks to me JFK likes helping out his own friends! I'd rather have Stumpy (Steve Thomas) back, with his clutch scoring and passion for the blue & white.
The Boston Bruins are downright giddy about their chances this NHL season after a busy period of free-agent signings, but two of their core players remain unsigned with training camp days away.
No. 1 goalie Andrew Raycroft and all-star defenceman Nicholas Boynton are restricted free agents who have yet to find a resolution with GM Mike O'Connell.
"They made a one-year offer that we don't see as being even close to being fair value," Boynton's agent Anton Thun said Thursday. "Where are we right now? I'm not sure."
Boynton, 26, is two years away from possible unrestricted free agency. The Bruins declined to pick up a $1.9-million US option on Boynton. He then rejected a $1.33-million qualifying offer.
A call to O'Connell was not immediately returned Thursday.---> I can't see the Bruins do anything if they don't bring back their #1 goalie and their big physical defenceman.

The Florida Panthers have yet to re-sign centre Olli Jokinen, their top scorer from the last two seasons, as training camp approaches.
"Absolutely nothing is happening," Todd Diamond, who represents Jokinen along with Mark Gandler, said Thursday. "We're waiting to hear from them. I don't know what they're doing. We've heard nothing from them for probably close to a week now."
Panthers GM Mike Keenan said he's had talks with Gandler over the last few weeks - including last Friday - and plans to get back to him in the near future.
"I needed time to review our financial situation and some of the things we discussed in terms of what approach we might take with Olli and what would work best for both sides," Keenan said Thursday. "That's really how it's been left. I said I would get back to him by the end of this week."
Jokinen, 26, earned $2 million US in 2003-04 when he had 26 goals and 32 assists for 58 points, tops on the struggling Panthers, but down from the career-high 65 points and 36 goals he put up in 2002-03. At issue is not only the raise that Jokinen is looking for, but also the fact he can become an unrestricted free agent next summer should he play under a one-year deal this season.
For Jokinen to forego that privilege, the Panthers will need to ante up. The Panthers could get him cheaper under a one-year deal but then risk losing him.----> Looks to Iron Mike might be a busy GM this season. He might not make any moves until prior to the start of camp, or the season, but I just have a feeling. Especially with the Luongo situation and now with Jokinen. More on my trade feelings later
Mariusz Czerkawski has told a Polish newspaper that a deal with Toronto is all but done he just needs to a pass his physical and he'll be a Maple Leaf. We've heard this tune before, somebody else is covering it now. Didn't Anson Carter take a physical with Toronto? Czerkawski would be excellent on the left wing with Sundin and Jeff O'Neill on the right, great first line. Deal could be announced over the weekend.---> Looks to be a interesting move. I have always missed the excitment and chaos Sergei Berezin brought....all he wanted to do was skate with the puck and shoot...and never pass! Teams need a guy like that just wants to shoot and score.

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