Friday, September 09, 2005

EA Sports NHL 06 Reveiw for PS2

Hello video gamers out there. Here is my review of EA Sports NHL 06. I have only played EA hockey games. I have never truly enjoyed anything other than this franchise. However, the last two version 2004, and 2005 were without a doubt disappointments. Thank god NHL 06 stepped up and rekindeled the magic of playing hockey on PS2.

Game Play: 4.5/5

Overall, the best gameplay of all EA hockey games. They brought the fun back in scoring. Also, more importantly for me is the realistic player movements i.e. skating, turning, and pushing of the puck in front of the player while using the speed burst. The shooting and scoring animations are crisp. And I love the end of period highlight reel. Finally, the most important, the CPU doesn't go crazy on defence and hit everything in sight. You now have a chance to setup plays, fake out the goalie, nad setup for realistic one timers.

Roster Management: 3/5

The main drawback is, now Crosby and the other top rookies entering the league this year. No biggy, since they can be created. Also, what I find difficult is the line slow! In the free agent list, you are not able to sort by position, it's just one big alpha list. You cannot take players from the European Leagues.

Graphics: 5/5

Simply put, the most visiually appealing yet.

GUI Friendly: 4/5

Easy to use but slow in selecting teams, to play with, and to manage lineups, and very slow when saving to mem card. Otherwise, very good.

Cool Stuff: 5/5

Mini game to practise your skills
The skill stick for star player
Highlight reel package at the end of the periods
NHL 94

Total: 21.5/25 = 86%


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