Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Trade Deadline Rumors heard on the Fan590 Hockey Insider

Some interesting notes I heard this morning on the Fan590. Scotty Bowman was on the air on the Hockey Insider report, and stated that he had heard that the Lightning had contacted Chicago and made a serious offer to bring back Khabibulin. According to him, it involved sending one of their top forwards in return. He suggested St. Louis, as he has struggled this season.

Bowman also expressed that a goalie like Belfour would be a good fit for TB, where Grahme and Burke have struggled. If the Leafs could get a St.Louis in return, it would be a good addition.

As for Bertuzzi rumors, Bowman believes it would have to encompass getting goaltending in return, but seemed more like an opportunity in the offseason. He didn't seem to confident that this is the year for the Canuks, and if they are looking for a goalie, they should get one who has a few years left.

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