Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Crosby sweepstakes...interesting draft possibilities

A couple of potential draft formats for the 2005 Entry Draft have come up in recent days. I think it is fair to say that keeping the same draft order as 2004 will not be fair, nor make any sense due to the fact that last season was cancelled. I mean there could have been the chance tha the Washington Capitals finished first overall followed by the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Red Wings finish 30th overall. Very unlikely, but the chance of it happening is always there.
So, the two scenarios I have heard are:
1 - Every team has the same chance (1 lottery ball per team)
2 - Weighted lottery based on the teams perfomance and playoff history the last 4 years.
For example, the NY Rangers will 4 lottery balls (missed last 4 playoffs), while the Maple Leafs would have only one (the made the playofss each of the last 4 yrs), and a team like the Montreal Calgary Flames would get 3 ( they only made the playoffs 1 in 4 years)
In addition to the these 2 scenarios, the word is the may flip and reverse the order every round (i.e.) Leafs pick #30 in round 1(last pick of round 1), and #31 in round 2 (first pick of the 2nd round).

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