Monday, May 02, 2005

Swedish Prospects

Tony Lagerstrom (2006), C/W, Sodertalje
A name to remember for the 2006 draft .. a steady presence on the U-18 national team despite his 88-birthdate .. lively skater with a decent top speed and sharp turns but could strengthen his legs .. good stickhandler with nifty changes of pace .. strong work ethic and maturity for his age .. takes care of defensive duties and makes smart decisions .. shooting is a weakness as his shots lack both speed and accuracy .. good passing skills but does not have playmaking tendencies, with the mentality of teammate Kopitar but without the shooting skills.
Linus Videll (Col), RW, Sodertalje
Lockout victim is stuck in the junior ranks .. his experience shows as he is able to take control of the play physically and on the puck .. strong puck protection skills, excellent balance and rarely loses puck battles .. beginning to grow into his frame whereas before he was 13 going on 30 .. good puck skills, decent hands and drives the net .. decent top speed but does not have a great overall gear .. goes through the motions defensively, often lacking commitment in his own end of the ice .. clearly not content playing a level down.
Nicklas Bergfors (2005), RW, Sodertalje
Treat to watch with linemates Kopitar and Lagerstrom .. his team's top offensive threat game in and game out .. excellent skater, slippery and deadly explosive at the right moments .. deceptive, quick wrist shots .. should shoot more .. has breakaway speed .. elite stickhandling moves and imagination .. took an ill-advised checking-from-behind penalty in a tie game late in the match .. like Videll, he would prefer to skate in the SEL at this time.
Johan Andersson (2005), RW/C, Sodertalje
Slightly undersized forward centers the club's second line .. scoring at a consistent scoring pace .. weak physically and was neutralized along the boards frequently .. creative with the puck and an effective playmaker when he has the time and space to make plays .. has late round upside but must add serious bulk and jam.

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