Wednesday, May 18, 2005

NHL and NHLPA discuss revenues

Both sides spent the day going through team and league revenues and will start up talks again early Wednesday morning.
The NHL and NHLPA will convene without Gary Bettman, who will join fellow commissioners Bud Selig of Major League Baseball, David Stern of the NBA and Paul Tagliabue of the NFL in Washington to participate in a Congressional hearing regarding standard doping tests in sports in the United States.
On April 4, the union rejected a pair of proposals by the league, both of which included a salary cap and one introducing linkage of players' salaries to league revenue. However, the NHLPA later countered with a plan involving a floating team-by-team payroll with a floor of $30 million and a ceiling of $50 million. The sides met again on April 19.
Bettman cancelled the 2004-05 campaign on February 16, making the NHL the first major North American sports league to have an entire season canceled due to a labor dispute.
After convening with the NHL's Board of Governors last month, Bettman announced the league would not resume play until a CBA was in place, erasing the belief replacement players would be used for the 2005-06 campaign. In March, the league officially cancelled the 2005 draft, which was slated to take place in Ottawa in June.

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