Thursday, November 10, 2005

HockeyBloggerman's Rant on the Leafs

HockeyBloggerman's Rant:

The leafs need to wake up and smell the coffee! Defensively, they SUCK!If they play Ottawa in the playoffs this year in the first round - the leafshave no hope in hell to make it past round 1, against any team. That is of course they do not make some fundamental changes.
Number one - fix the defence. McCabe, Kaberle are locks at number 1 and 2. The other spots are average at best. Kronwall has looked good, nothing fancy in his game.Carlo looked good too scoring his first NHL goal the other night. I don't understand why they can't have him playing on a nightly basis. Khavanov, will not be moved, since he is JFJ's pick from St. Louis. That leaves Berg. Its unfortunate since he gets the blame every night while Belak - worthless as he is, is considered a tough in your face canadian hockey player. Go figure eh?

Belak - How does a guy like him fit in today's new NHL. He doesn't win fights, he can't play defence, whenever he does, he gets a penalty.And he can't play forward because he has no skills. He should NOT have roster spot on this team, when guys like Colliacovo who is a young player ready to play has to shuffled in and out of the lineup to save cap money. What a joke.

Antropov - Sorry to say, but I thought he would finally break through this year. I think he needs a changeof scene....Ponikarovsky has passed hime, and that's not saying much. Maybe if he goes to a young rebuilding team, he can get a chance to play more, with less pressure from media and us crazy Leafs fans.

Ponikarovsky - just a faster harder working Nik Antropov. Maybe he can stick around...

Berg - unfortunately, in order to make a better defensive unit, he has to go, make room for Colliacovo now, and a possible acquisition through a trade.

Czerkawski - BUST! Try sending him to the minors, if he is picked up, congratulations. If not, who cares, you'r already wasting 500K/year on him.

Allison - I think he has done a good job, but if the leafs can move him, they should. The # 1 and # 2 guys should be Sundin and Lindros, With young centreslike Steen, Stajan, and Wellwood playing more. Maybe he can be a part of a package that can fetch a defensive defenceman, or a puck moving one to replace Belak and Berg

Guys I would like the leafs to use more are Wilm, and if they can call up Battaglia from the Marlies.


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