Wednesday, July 13, 2005

4 year itch?

The new CBA deal will have a backout clause for the players.
Sportsnet has learned the NHLPA negotiated a significant twist in what will soon be a new CBA.
Sources say the six-year agreement includes a clause that will allow the union to re-open the agreement after the fourth year.This option allows the players to renegotiate this massive contract, if after four full years of working under its guidelines it's deemed "unsuccessful."Sources say the deal is essentially done and the painstaking process of "cleaning it up" is believed to be what is holding up the release announcing resolution pending ratification.Through Tuesday, the NHL and NHLPA have held 82 negotiating sessions since commissioner Gary Bettman cancelled the season Feb. 16. They have met 10 consecutive weeks since early May.Once a deal is finally announced, the NHLPA will schedule a massive players' gathering within three days to a week to ratify the agreement. The league, in turn, will hold a board of governors' meeting so owners can also vote on the deal.Only after ratification by both sides will there be a news conference "re-launching" the game.
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