Monday, July 25, 2005

Free agnecy rumors

According to the Fan590, sources claim that once free agency opens up next week, the Leafs are expected to make a big run at unrestricted free agent .... Peter Forsberg!

When going throught the list of free agents this summer, I noticed there are some intriguing options out there. Imagine if the Habs go out and sign Teemu Selanne to play along with Koivu, and re-signing Kovalev to play with Bonk. This would give the the Habs a a solid 2-Line punch. And don't forget Zednik, Riberio, and Ryder.

I see the Rangers trying to do something as well. Maybe the speedy Paul Kariya. With Jagr as the only legitmate stsr in NY, Kariya would be a perfect fit in NY to play along Jagr.

After 2 years of injuries, and now a year off to rehab, I see the LA Kings keeping Allison, and Deadmarsh. I have thought long and hard about where they may move, but something tells me they will be re-signed (if healthy). Although Carolina is rumored to be interested in Allison. Plffy should also re-sign with the Kings.

How about the Big E - Eric Lindros? Toronto woould be nice, and I am sure that is his first choice as well. But if the rumors are true that the Leafs covet Forsberg, their will not be enough money for Eric. That leaves, Buffalo, Chicago, Edmonton, Anaheim, and Boston as my choices of destination for Lindros.

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