Friday, July 22, 2005

Potential rule changes to be announced today

- Allowing the two-line pass (no red line) like international hockey;
- Reduction in goalie equipment;
- Using the AHL crease and limits on goaltender puck handling;
- No tie games; using a penalty shootout after overtime;
- No-touch icing;
- Bringing back tag-up offside;
- Move nets back two feet towards end boards.
No longer on the list, it is believed, is the plan to increase playoff participation to 20 teams from 16. That's going to be reconsidered next year but given the NHL's plan to take a break for the Turin Olympics it doesn't seem to make sense to make the season longer this year. The original idea of going to 20 teams would have seen an extra mini-playoff round with a best-of-three series in each conference between the seventh, eighth, ninth and 10th-ranked teams.

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