Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dallas: Return of D.H. Well it's not quite J.R.

The agent for defenseman Derian Hatcher isn't ruling out a return to Dallas for the free agent.
Pat Morris cautions that just because the Detroit Red Wings decided to buy out his client rather than pay him close to $5-million this season, does not mean that Hatcher will come cheap.
"One of the reasons he left Dallas was the longer-term security Detroit gave him," Morris tells the Star-Telegram. "Given teams' needs for a No. 1 defenseman and his track record and age ... would point to him seeking significant terms."
Morris indicated that a three year deal would be a likely starting point in negotiations.
On Monday, the Red Wings bought out the remaining three years of Hatcher's contract.
Sources with the Stars tell the newspaper that they would be interested in bringing back Hatcher, regardless of whether or not they can sign free agent center Mike Modano or defenseman Sergei Zubov.
Hatcher spent 11 seasons in Dallas before signing a five year, $30-million contract with Detroit in 2003. However, he suffered a knee injury in his third game with the Red Wings in the 2003-04 season and was limited to just 15 games that season.
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