Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Crazed Chelios

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"For a guy who has done such a horrible job running a league, it's a miracle he still has a job," Chelios told the National Post.
"And if he's patting himself on the back for getting a cap, every sport's got a cap. I mean, big deal, he's the last one to get it and he's run our league into the ground."
"It's not so much the deal," he continued. "It's all about the lies and separating the players from the league and making us look bad because we have to defend ourselves. And that alone should be just cause for him to get the gas after this is all done."
Chelios, 43, is no stranger to shots at the commissioner. During the 1994 lockout, he suggested that Bettman should be worried about the well-being of his family, as a crazed fan might take things into his own hands.

It's obvious that Chelios's age is catching upto him. He sounds like a cry baby. First the cap will not be considered, and now it's no "big deal?" Come on Chelios, hang it up already you washed up has been. If Detroit is smart, and with the rest of the teams now having to watch where their money goes, I hope we see the last of "players"...ahh..sorry..."sucks" like you!

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