Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Nolan may be sidelined upto 6 months

As Sportsnet first reported last week Tuesday's surgery was required to correct complications that have plagued Owen Nolan's since he injured his knee in March of 2004.
Sportsnet.ca -- -- Sportsnet has learned Toronto Maple Leafs, forward Owen Nolan had surgery Tuesday in Cleveland to further repair his injured knee.
The surgery was deemed successful but Nolan may be out of the NHL for as long as six months.As Sportsnet first reported last week this surgery was required to correct complications that have plagued Nolan's rehab since he injured the knee in March of 2004."Dr. Tony Miniaci, the Chief of Sports Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, performed the surgery on the injury which directly related to the trauma sustained in March of 04 while playing with the Leafs," said Nolan's agent JP Barry."Owen looks forward to getting back to rehab now that the problem interfering with his progress has been addressed," Barry added."This rehabilitation could take as long as six months, but Owen looks forward to a return to the NHL when he's ready."As for an update on Nolan's buyout status, Barry says the issues have yet to be resolved.
-thanks to www.sportsnet.ca

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