Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Who Gets Crosby?

The 2005-2006 Draft Formula is finalised as follows for July 30th (referenced from

The lottery formula is as follows - each team begins with three balls. For every playoff appearance in the last three years or No. 1 overall pick over the last four years, a team loses one ball. But each team will still be guaranteed to have one ball in the lottery. The first round will go with teams picking 1 through 30, with the 30th team picking 31st and the draft order 'snaking' back and forth in a seven round draft.

Link to the teams and the number of lottery balls

PREDICTIONS: Who gets Crosby?

3 Lotto Balls: Buffalo, Columbus, NYR, and Pittsburgh
2 Lotto Balls: Anaheim, Calgary, Chicago, Edmonton, Minnesota, Nashville, L.A., Phoenix, and Atlanta

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