Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Big names still available...but they're moving fast

Well with another day of chaos - just the 3rd day of free agency, the moves were again resonating in the hockey world.
Gonchar to the Pens, Peca acquired via trade by the Oilers, Leetch to Boston, and Satan signed on with the Islanders - finally giving Yashin a star winger to play with. The day also saw Naslund, Kovalev, Modano, and Iginla re-sign with their existing teams.

But the biggest move of the day...Forsberg to the Flyers, and the likelihood of Roenick being traded to the Kings within the next few days.

Of the big name defencemen left, Niedermayer remains. And according to reports from , San Jose, Anaheim, and New Jersey are the final candidates for landing the prized defenceman.

As for the Leafs - absolutely nil. It's absolutely amazing how thing have changed. They have have taken it for granted that everyone will want to come home. They better think again and smell the coffee. With time still remaining to possibly swing a trade, and make a notable splash in the free agent market with names like Lindros, Allison, Kariya, and Selanne remaining. I was strongly hoping for Satan to be picked up as a high profile forward, but that is out of the question now. The only other player of comparison to Satan is Palffy. But if reports are true, the Kings may get Roenick. Imagine Palffy, Roenick and free agent signee Demitra on one line. Alexei Zhamnov, Anson Carter, Adam Deadmarsh, and Roman Hamrlik are also available.

I hope the Leafs can salvage the season with the likes of Lindros, Allison and maybe hard working 3rd liners like Gratton and Nieminen being brought in. There is no defencemen of any notable mention worth bringing in for big money. Second-tier defencemen like Brisebois, Skoula, Berard, and Schneider have signed elsewhere. Although Hamrlik would be the best addition next to Niedermayer.

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