Friday, August 05, 2005

Trouble in Leafland - Rumors - August 5th

Well the Leafs finally made a signing - bringing back aging enforcer Tie Domi. And aside from that, that shouldbe about all for the Leafs. Unless maybe they go out and find a defenceman, or forward.
Richard Peddie came out yesterday and basically made the excuse that they don't know what next years cap is going to be, andnext year there will be better free agents available.
That is the most stupid comment I have ever heard. Don't tell methat Leaf management believes all of the top young restricted freeagents this year will only be signed to 1 yr deals. They can't be banking on that. And the even more idiotic part of his statementis that he doesn't know what next years cap is going to be. Then what about the year after that? What a dumbass.
The fact of the matter is, the Leafs are screwed by the cap right now. They did not make profit during the lockout, they have the Owen Nolan problem....everything revolves around money they have lost. But they have $1.25/yr for Tie Domi. Don't you think spending money on your top 2 lines and defencemen should be higher on the priority list than a 3rd /4th line enforcer?
They seem to have promising youngsters, Colliacovo and Stajan. Wellwood and Steen probably need another year in the minors. So there isn't enoughyouth to proclaim the season a youth movement. What we have this season is the Toronto Maple Leafs Packing it in, hoping that Belfour single handedly winsall the games, Sundin somehow becomes a 140 point man, and McCabe a Norris candidate. Not to mention, Tie becoming a 30 goal scorer right behind O'Neill's 50. Yeah right!
But don't worry Leaf fans...Peddie and Ferguson adamently state they have a plan. They have a centre, a goalie, and experienced defencemen. You know what else they have? A whole lot of nothing in between.

Rumors - August 5th
Kariya to Chicago
Khabibulin to Chicago
LeClair to NYR
Hamrlik to Boston
Allison to Toronto

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