Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What I would do with the Leafs...what a mess

Hello, I have decided to to take a look a the Leafs situation this offseason and play armchair GM. At first look, any Leaf fan would want Niedermayer, and Palffy, but the LEafs are in a bind. They will only be able to sign one main star free agent - and that too will be difficult task.
Instead, I have looked at this years Leaf team as a far cry from what we have been used to. Niedermayer is definetely going to the Western Conference - Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver are being mentioned as possible destinations. Zubov and Zhitnik have already signed, and Gonchar is probably just using Toronto as bargaining chip, the Leafs will have to make due with the defensive corps they have had the last number of years.
But this does not mean we can't have a sound playoff team. Here is what I am thinking, the leafs will have a 22 man roster at approximately $36 million - we need to keep some room (more on that later)

Line 1 : Tucker (1.59), Sundin (6.84), Satan (3.5)
Line2 : Gratton (0.6),Allison (1.25), O'Neill (1.5)
Line 3: Antropov (1.0), Stajan (0.80), Nieminen (0.50)
Line 4: Perrott (0.45), Kilger (0.45), Ponikarovsky (0.45)
Scratch: Belak (.78)

McCabe (3.5)
Kaberle (2.28)
Klee (1.9)
Berg (1.1)
Pilar (1.1)
Colliacovo (0.75)
Skoula (0.50)

Belfour (4.56)
Telkqvist (0.45)

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