Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Naslund to stay as Canuck

With Markus Naslund reportedly staying put, the next big question for Vancouver is what to do with Bertuzzi. -- Markus Naslund has surveyed the new hockey world and decided home is where his heart is. Free agent tracker
According to the Vancouver Province, the Canucks captain will re-sign in Vancouver for $18 million US over three years. Two other teams matched the offer, but in Naslund's opinion, weren't ready to compete at the same level as the Canucks."We evaluated every element to this and in the end it all pointed to the market being what it is and Markus' desire to return to Vancouver," Naslund's agent Mike Gillis, told the Province. "There's no doubt that competitiveness played a huge part in his decision and maybe the way it is now, you really do have to sacrifice a little to be on a winner."I mean, there's a reason why Martin Brodeur took less to stay playing in New Jersey. Obviously, money was not the overriding factor in Markus' final decision."Naslund had 35 goals and 49 assists in 78 games in the 2003-04 season for Vancouver.

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